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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

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Hey There! I am Karina, UX/UI designer.

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Stand Out
Women clothes online store
Fleur Me
Strawberry bouquets
Interior design studio
Furniture manifacture
Jelena Miltuze
Interior designer

Personal approach to every project

Collecting information about company, analyzing websites of competitors, creating customer's avatar.
Interview, researches
Coordination of the website structure, create website prototype and user flow
Create a few design concepts, apply selected design to all pages
Developing adaptive design in Tilda, use animation, setting up basic SEO, configuration the domain, connection of payments, CRM and analytical systems
Layout, launch
Make video tutorial how use platform and make changes by yourself
Video instruction
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100% thankful reviews

Stylist Oksana
Korean tutor
Karina, good afternoon!
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful website.
More than 50 people have signed up for the course with us every week. We really like the design you developed! We look forward to further cooperation!

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Excursion company Art Le
Karina, thank you so much for a wonderful, working website!❤️️
The website came up exactly as I wanted to see it. Besides, effortless on my part. You solve all the problems by yourself, also you came up with interesting ideas and advice for programs that automatically send out emails. It is also very important that you provide clear video instructions how to make further changes. Huge thanks again! It was very easy and pleasant to work with you!💖💖

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Webstore Stand out
Good afternoon!
I would like to express my huge gratitude for the cooperation and your work! The website of our store was developed very quickly! I really enjoyed the communication and solving any problems! Thank you very much and we will definitely recommend you to others!👍👍👍

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Strawberry bouquets Fleurme
I really enjoyed the responsibility and the serious approach to work. Very promptly solved issues that I enjoy very much, because I am the one who needs it here and now. 👌
Almost all the pages were developed by Karina independently, without the use of standard blocks, which made the website even more unique. I would like to note Karina's interest in creating a really quality product that will be different from the others.
An additional nice bonus was that Karina has the skills to work with graphic programs, thanks to that we have cool banners and pictures! Overall I am 100% satisfied with the result 🔥
Now our customers will be able to order even faster and more conveniently👍

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Interior designer Jelena
This girl designed the page for a week! I like. when people hears me and Karina listens to me very carefully! And worked very systematically: meetings, design, font, colors, animation, pictures 💪
Everything is taken into account, everything is thought out! Pure pleasure to work with this girl! 💜 Because I like speed and work!

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about me

Web-designer Karina

Hey There! My name is Karina. I am UX/UI designer, create websites that solve business problems and help to grow. I have blog in Instagram and Youtube about design and freelance.
I studied marketing, design courses, how create websites on Tilda Publishing courses. Work with Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom as well.
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